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By | May 6, 2021

Who is the Crown

Queen Elizabeth is known as the “shield-bearer” of England during the reign of her great-grandfather grandfather King George. During the age of reinvention, George VI created the Charters of Trust. These were written for the queen’s regency and were designed to protect the crown, maintain the Monarchy, and guarantee the right of the people to participate in British politics. However, the “shield-bearer” was not always an important part of the regency. Much later, the role of the crown’s protector was transferred to the protector-general.

“The Crown” is based on the life story of the legendary Queen Elizabeth, who was the last of the British monarchs to retain the throne. Based on a historical award-winning drama (“The Crown”) starring actress Natalie Portman, this lavish Netflix-streaming drama chronicles the royal family’s rise to power during the thirteenth century. The show begins with a behind-the-scenes peek at the private and royal lives during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. As the year’s pass, romantic involvements, political rivalries, and personal ambitions are revealed. The crown continues its rule throughout the centuries, until the accession of the youngest son of the king, Edward, to the throne. As the young prince takes the throne, he discovers the crown is not all it was meant to be.

This riveting drama depicts the tumultuous years in which the crown takes on the mantle of the most powerful government in the world. The episodes feature an array of colorful characters, including the dashing Queen Mary II and her equally brilliant husband, the dashing King George. Queen Elizabeth faces the daunting task of governing a country while trying to keep the peace among her many subjects. Royal situations arise and several criminal cases occur that cast a shadow over the crown and its ruling elite.

The crown begins to unravel when the seemingly amiable Queen Mary becomes the object of intrigue and jealousy. Her alleged affair with the French ambassador causes a ripple of discontent in England, forcing the throne to deal with the angry public. The dashing Prince of Wales enters the picture, following his stirring romance with the formidable Matron of honor, Mary Boleyn. While the public frowns upon the crown’s rule, the crown maintains absolute power over the kingdom. When the king’s brother Arthur finds himself on the verge of taking power, the crown again uses its iron hand to thwart the younger generation from toppling the old order. Meanwhile, the infamous “Crownlet” intimidates the population and the nobility with the threat of banishment.

When the crown finally does banish Arthur and his cronies to the remote Scottish country of Glengowla, the dashing Prince of Wales is captured there and taken prisoner by the rebellious earl ofmirrors. He escapes through the tunnels and eventually makes his way to the palace, where the duke of Gloucester launches an all out assault on the royal fortress. Only the timely arrival of the famed knight Sir Launcelot gallops into the battle and rescues Arthur from the grasp of the earl. Launcelot then foils the duke’s plan to eliminate the king, and he joins his loyal knight, Sir Gawain, in capturing the queen.

Moving forward, the duke of Gloucester falls ill, forcing the queen to take drastic action to save her husband. Though she detests her husband’s death, the queen discovers the duke’s poisoning had been done by her trusted adviser, Sir Gaheris. The queen orders the earl ofmirrors to banish Gaheris to the remote island of Paddington, where the couple resides peacefully for the next ten years. During this time the two friends begin to develop feelings for each other, leading the happily ever after they once knew in season four of the television programme.

After Gaheris’ decease, the duke of Gloucester marries the lady of the house of Glendinning and they reestablish their marital ties, setting the stage for the crown jewels to be captured by the duke’s new wife, the lady of the house of Bath. When the king of England comes to visit Bath to celebrate the end of the reign, the crown jewels are stolen by the British, thus ensuring the crown will forever be in the possession of the monarchy. When the king of Gloucester dies, the crown regains its rightful place amongst the British throne.

The crown has also featured in other periodicals, such as the works of Jane Austen. In the last book of the series, the three crowned heads are seen together as a group, with the queen playing the pivotal role. In the TV series the role is played by Florabelle, the youngest of the queens, who is seen to take over the role of the queen from her mother during the final scene of the TV series. While it was never specified what role the crown will play in the upcoming Harry Potter films, it is quite clear that the crown will feature heavily in the entertainment made by the movie makers of the day. Hopefully the fans of the series will get to see the crown as part of the royalty.

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