The Fantasy Evil Crown of Swords

By | March 29, 2021

Fantasy Evil Crown of Swords

Fantasy Evil Crown of Swords
Fantasy Evil Crown of Swords

The Fantasy Evil Crown of Swords is one of the most beloved fantasy works ever. William Morris was his main character, a prince who ruled over an ancient kingdom of elves, and wizards, and other magical creatures when he was the only son of a powerful king. When his father was killed in a battle with an army of Orcs, William was blamed for the death of the prince, and forced to flee into exile with his loyal, though not very intelligent, friend, Border. They traveled to the woods of Middle Earth, where they encountered a giant tree-spirit named Maleficent, who claimed that she would give them a boon if they would help her against the dwarves, elves, and magic-using human-creatures who threatened her kingdom.

Eventually, they were joined by several other characters, each with their own unique abilities and quirks, such as the Red Queen, the White Queen, the Prince of elves, the Fair Maid, the Grey Lady, and the Dark Lady. What makes the characters of the Fantasy Evil Crown of Swords so intriguing is that they are all so unlike the other characters that they encounter. For example, the Queen of Hearts is a very traditional type of fantasy princess, while the evil fairy, Maleficent, is far more wicked than she appears to be. The other characters are also very different in how they view right and wrong, and how they wish to see the world, but interact within it.

Morris was a great storyteller, and his writing is still remembered fondly by many readers today. This is especially true of his famous ‘The Princess and the Pea’ and ‘The Green Berets’. He also wrote a number of shorter stories and served a short term contract with the magazine penname Houghton. In addition to working as a writer and illustrator, he also designed several fantasy books and worked as a translator. In fact, some of his most well-known work is in the field of translation and editing.

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