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Fantasia Crutch

Fantasia Crutch is the latest installment in the award winning The Chronicles of Narnia series. The first book in the series was The Sands of Time and this is a tale chronicling the daily life of Mary, a young woman who lives in Narnia. It’s the beautiful Willowbrook Station that attracts the reader to this… Read More »

Who is the Crown – Fantasy Crown

Who is the Crown – Fantasy Crown

Stephanie Fantasy Crown is For Girls Only

Stephanie Fantasy Crown is one of my all-time favorite games. It’s a hidden object and role playing game about a girl who gets kidnapped by the demons. There are several versions of this game for different platforms, but the PC version has stood the test of time. The story revolves around an ordinary girl named… Read More »

Fantasy Queen Crown

Fantasy Queen Crown In Fantasy Queen, players are transported into a land where people are using fantasy technology to take control of reality. The Queen is locked away in her own castle. All who try to enter her kingdom run the risk of being turned into one of her subjects. You are one of these… Read More »