Leanne Fantasy Crown by Beverly Barton

By | April 8, 2021
Leanne Fantasy Crown
Leanne Fantasy Crown

Leanne Fantasy Crown

It’s been said that the Leanne Fantasy Crown is the leading DVD release for 2021. Based on the book “Linda’s Wild Life”, this movie has many things going for it. For example, writer Linda K. Martin is an experienced writer with years of writing for children and adults. She also managed to put a lot of twists in her story and turns that into something very unique, especially for a kids’ movie.

The storyline revolves around four friends who are in high school. They all have a common interest – skateboarding. One of them named Alex goes on to win the “cyclo-cross championship”, but he doesn’t really want to continue. He wants to be a better rider so he goes back to school and joins a new biking club. One of the others called Lex gets really good at riding his own board and joins the team. But then they learn that another cyclist has been invited to the school and everyone wants to go, except for Lex.

The movie follows Lex throughout the summer as he meets up with other cyclists. They go to the beach and have a contest to see who can ride their bikes across the sand. But this is just the beginning of this fun-filled summer for Lex.

As the summer progresses the movie takes you from one end of the country to another. We meet Lex’s best friend called Ginger. It’s also revealed that Lex is getting more into biking even though he doesn’t like it. He is also getting more interested in racing with his uncle. And somehow it turns out that the two of them are team leaders. Their adventures include many trips across the country.

The actual movie is quite a funny one. The storyline and acting are both great. In particular the scene when Lex is talking to his dad is one of the most hilarious scenes I’ve seen in a long time. I would have liked to have seen more time devoted to Lex and Ginger’s relationship. There are times when the movie seems to pick up its pace or the plot seems to be going in circles that don’t make any sense.

At times the movie drifts away from the main story line, but then it quickly picks it back up and you begin to enjoy the ride. The music is great. The supporting characters are well developed. The acting is great. The overall movie is very entertaining.

One of the things that make this movie so good is that they managed to keep the story very light-hearted despite the crazy exploits that the main characters go through. That makes the characters more appealing to me. Also the realistic descriptions of the Montana area add to the appeal. The book isn’t just about Lex. It’s also about the people he comes in contact with during his journey.

I definitely recommend Laine’s The Leanne Fantasy Crown. It is definitely on the long list of films I need to watch. I’m excited for The Wolf Of The East 2 and the third movie in the series, The Witch, because I’m sure I will love them as much as I loved The Wolf Of The East.

In terms of movie rating I give it a thumbs up. It’s a great movie. I like its style and the way director Mike De Luca set it up. I really like the characters and the story. I would have liked a little more depth in Lex, but it’s not enough to take away from the enjoyment I got out of the film.

This story has a little too much romance for my tastes, but I couldn’t bring myself to not read it. It’s a great action tale about a boy, born with a deformity. He has no use for his hands and legs, but thanks to a wonderful invention, he can “teleport” across space and time. With incredible powers, he also has the ability to command other creatures. When his foster father is killed, he goes into a fantasy world where animals rule and only those with power can survive.

I enjoyed reading it, although at times I felt that it could have been shortened. There were quite a few lulls in the narrative that made the scenes repetitive. I wish that they had been cut shorter and that the couple of minutes where Lex teleporting was a bit shorter. Otherwise, this book is excellent. Highly recommended.

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