Fantasy Crown

By | February 28, 2021

Fantasy Crown

A Crown that is made in imagination and in the dream called Fantasy Crown.

Fantasy Crown, Fantasy Crown Art, Final Fantasy Crown

Fantasy Crown Art

Fantasy Crown Art is based upon the history of crown discovery. In old times only kings and queens used crowns.

Final Fantasy Crown

Crown is a key item located within the Marsh Cave, however, is guarded via Piscodemons.

After the light Warriors acquire the crown, they warfare with Astos. Later, on the fortress of Trials, they use the Crown to gain get right of entry to the trial which allows them to are trying to find the magnificence change.


Fantasy Crown comes from original crowns that are used by old times Kings and Queens

Below are the accurate history of who invented the crown

Crown invention and their discovery

In 1967 Charles Pedersen discovered crown ethers a family of ring-shaped molecules that can bind individual metallic atoms in the ring’s middle. The metallic particles can then be released in organic compounds something that had been difficult before.

Charles J. Pedersen Biography

Changed into born in Pusan, Korea, on October three, 1904.

My father Brede Pedersen, became a Norwegian marine engineer who left domestic as a young guy and shipped out as an engineer on a steam freighter to the long way East.

He sooner or later arrived in Korea and joined the fleet of the Korean customs provider, which changed into administered via the British.

Later, he abandoned seafaring and have become a mechanical engineer at the Un-san Mines in what’s now the northwestern section of gift-day North Korea.

My mom, Takino Yasui, become born in 1874 in Japan. She had followed her own family to Korea once they decided to enter large-scale trade in soybeans and silkworms. They set up headquarters not a ways from the Unsan Mines, where she met my father. I had a sister, Astrid, five years my senior, and an elder brother who died in youth before my start.

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